WHOLESALE Vacuum Cupping Suction Pumps (Large)

WHOLESALE Vacuum Cupping Suction Pumps (Large)

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  • Easy to Use & Clean: Perfect for personal and professional use. Place the pump on a cupping point for about 5-15 minutes. After use, carefully clean the pumps with water or wet wipes.

  • Safe to Use: Produced using the finest quality hard plastic and rubber. Our vacuum suctions pumps undergo a series of quality assurance tests to ensure safety. Our vacuum suction pump offers premium cupping experience and can be used anywhere on the body i.e. face, neck, legs, back, chest and stomach. Ideal for facial cupping and beauty cupping.

  • Lightweight, break-resistant and anti-aging plastic: Crafted from high-quality plastic that is long-lasting and break-resistant.

  • A good replacement for Suction Cupping Bodywork Kit: Feel free to use this suction pump as a replacement or spare piece for suction cupping kit.

  • Total Length: 8.5 inch

  • Colour: Available in white and green.

  • Widely Used: Cupping therapy is now in the mainstream. Hundreds of individuals and professionals have benefitted from our high-end cupping equipment.

  • Health-related Application: Cupping therapy as part of traditional clinical practices to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness.

  • Perfect for Beauty Procedures: Cupping also reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Use our premium cupping suction pump to make beauty cupping a breeze.