The Suuk Tours Terms & Conditions

The Suuk Tours
Terms and Conditions. 
Any sudden changes with regards to COVID-19 rulings/measures/restrictions that may affect your entry into airlines or other locations listed as part of your package will not be the responsibility of your booking agent.

If any client/s have been rejected entry after valid documentation has been provided from your booking agent, your booking agent will not be accountable.

Should any situations arise that are beyond our control concerning your travel package, kindly note we cannot overturn any decisions made by authorities.

In the case of any Natural Disasters, if there are sudden cancellations that affect your booking, we will try our best to find a solution as always, however, the decision with regards to airlines/hotels/visas & transportation rescheduling, refunding, amending will be strictly through the suppliers or consolidators.

If for any reason you have NOT informed us of any illnesses (mental or physical) beforehand and documented this at the very least on an email to us, should any situation occur where you fall ill or are deemed a danger to travel with us or for you to continue to travel with us, the final decision will be made by your booking agent.

If any client/s are deemed unfit to travel with us or continue their travels with us, you will be notified by the booking agent and your booking will be made void and non-refundable.

Your Team/Group Leaders and Scholars are there to support and help you in the best way possible, if you as a client are found not respecting their decisions on behalf of you whilst on tour, the onus of being removed from the group will fall upon you and the final decision will remain with your booking agent.

Any schedule changes by flights/airlines are NOT the responsibility of your booking agent.

If we as agents fail your bookings and there is clear evidence of this, we will be refunding you for any part/s of the booking we have not adhered to.

Any issues with Hotels with regards to rooms etc MUST be made clear to your booking agent as soon as possible so that any relevant changes that are required or necessary can be made in due course. If any extra charges are applied it will be the responsibility of the Client to cover the costs.

Any issues with ground transportation MUST be made clear to your booking agent as soon as possible so that any relevant changes that are required or necessary can be made in due course. If any extra charges are applied it will be the responsibility of the Client to cover the costs.

Timings for Ziyarah's, Tours, and Lectures are subject to change. Should there be any changes you will be advised accordingly.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that your luggage is loaded and unloaded from all vehicles, and we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your luggage during transportation.

You are always asked to stay with your group when traveling unless advised otherwise by your group representative. All messages and documentation will be communicated to you through your group representative.

Please ensure you manage your expectations accordingly and by making a booking with us, you are deemed to have accepted these caveats.

Any special requests must be advised to us at the time of booking e.g. diet, room location, a particular facility at a hotel, etc. You should then confirm your requests in writing. Whilst every effort will be made by us to try and arrange your reasonable special requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled.

When you are making a booking on behalf of yourself and a group, the signatory to the booking form shall be the Lead Name and we shall only deal with the Lead Name in all subsequent correspondence, including changes, amendments and cancellation. The Lead Name agrees on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking that he/she has read these terms and conditions and has the authority to and does agree to be bound by them. The Lead Name will be responsible to us for full payment of the price (including cancellation charges) of the Services booked and will also be responsible for passing on to all members of the travelling group all documentation and information which we are legally obliged to give to you. The Lead Name also confirms that he/she is over 18 years of age and resident in the United Kingdom and where placing an order for services with age restrictions declares that he/she and all members of the party are of the appropriate age to purchase those services. The Lead Name is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied in respect of all persons travelling on the booking and for passing on any information regarding the booking or any changes made in relation thereto, to all persons travelling on such booking, including but not limited to information on schedule changes or copies of booking confirmations.

We reserve the right to change the dates and times of departure if necessary but will inform you of the changes made. Date changes are extremely rare and usually result from bad weather conditions, rescheduling times by the airlines, action by air traffic controllers, mechanical faults or industrial actions, all of which are beyond our control.

All persons travelling with us are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner and not to disrupt the enjoyment of other travellers. You must not collect any charity funds and you must not be involved in any political activity or protests. You must comply with all customs regulations. If in our opinion or in the opinion of any of our suppliers, representatives, agents or any other person in authority, your behaviour or that of any member of your party is causing or is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to other travellers, or any third party or damage to property, or to cause a delay or diversion to transportation, we reserve the right to terminate your booking arrangements with us immediately. In the event of such termination our liability to you and/or your party will cease and you and/or your party will be required to leave your accommodation or another service immediately, and you will be responsible for making your way home. We will have no further obligations to you and/or your party. No refunds for lost accommodation or any other service will be made, and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination. You and/or your party may also be required to pay for loss and/or damage caused by your actions, and we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage or losses caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or losses must be paid directly to the supplier concerned before departure. If you fail to make payment, you will be responsible for meeting any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you. We cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of other guests or individuals who have no connection with your booking arrangements or with us.