Hijama Courses


The Suuk Ltd is a teaching body dedicated to creating awareness for the correct methodology of Hijama (Cupping Therapy). Our key focus is to ensure our students understand Hijama from both the Islamic perspective as well as in relation to the modern day physiological aspects.

The Advanced 3 Day Intensive provides an exciting, dynamic and interactive learning experience that is tailored student to student. The course is suitable for experienced practitioners and even beginners as well as British nationals and international students. Whatever your background, we can ensure this is a vital stepping stone for those seeking to enter the world of complementary health.

Upon course completion, our students will be fully equipped in the knowledge as well as practicality to move forward as a qualified and licensed practitioner. They will also be able to create treatment plans based on individual needs and various ailments. At The Suuk we take pride in being a support structure for all graduates of the course moving forward – we will always be a phonecall or email away in answering any questions or queries one may have in relation to Hijama. We also ensure to support our students with discounts in wholesale equipment as well as branding and web management if required. Students are also provided with a Hijama Handbook as well as a complimentary Start-Up Kit.

Our courses are accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association and is recognised worldwide for our students to carry wherever they go.



Theory Exam: 50%

Initial Practical: 50%

Upon achieving a minimum rate of 70% in a joint grade, the next step is to be observed by a senior therapist at one of our associated clinics. You will be assessed on numerous factors such as customer care, hygiene, assessment of potential risk factors, cupping points in relation to ailments, incisions and after-care.  


Module 1: Introduction to Hijama and Mechanisms

  1. History of Alternative Medicine
  2. Core principal of healing from Hijama
  3. Different methods of Hijama


Module 2: Nutrition and Human Health

  1. Conjunctive Diets
  2. The Prophetic Medicine
  3. Preservation of Health
  4. Theory of the 4 Humours


Module 3: Diagnosis Methods and Treatment Plans

  1. Patient Care and Assessments
  2. Preparation
  3. Cupping Equipment
  4. Massage Techniques


Module 4: Human Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Understanding the Human Anatomy
  2. Study of the Major Organs
  3. Reflex and Pressure Points


Module 5: Health & Safety

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Hygiene and Infection Control
  3. Contingency
  4. Case Studies


Module 6: Islamic Perspective of Hijama

  1. Hadith: Authentic and Fabricated Content
  2. Fiqh of Charging for Hijama
  3. Hijama and Ruqya
  4. Black Magic, Evil Eye and Envy


Module 7: Professional Development

  1. Types of Practice
  2. Start Your Own Business
  3. Insurance and Legislation
  4. Market Research and Branding
  5. Clinical Protocols




  • Salamu Alaykum I would like to do the course . I am from Australia

    Mouhammad Abdulhay
  • Salam 3alikom just wondering when and where is the next course of hijama taking place am based in brighton. jazakom lah

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